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tv   Senate Republicans Face September 30 Deadline on Health Care  CSPAN  September 19, 2017 7:15pm-7:30pm EDT

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to be a member of the national labor relations board. also today several floor speeches about the latest health care plan put forth by senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy. the senate finance committee is meeting monday to look at that proposal. the senate stands in recess until monday, for the rest of the week, senators are back home for state work period. live coverage of the senate when it returns here on c-span2. republican and democratic leaders spoke earlier today with reporters about the latest effort to repeal parts of the affordable care act. here is a look at that starting with senate republicans.
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>> well, good afternoon, everyone. i expect you already know that we spent lunch talking about gram-cassidy. lots of interest in the bill that senator cassidy and senator graham have been working on. i asked them to join today and lead off. so have at it, guys. >> number one, i never felt better about where we're at. it is pretty well clear to me where the country is going under obamacare and bernie care. it is going into further bankruptcy. it is more decisions further away from where you live and in 199 of we block granted money for welfare reform and it worked like a charm. we put governors in charge of the program. we held them accountable. so here is the choice for america. socialism or federalism. when it comes to your health care.
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four states get 40% of the money under obamacare. new york, california, massachusetts, and maryland. they represent 20% of the population. our goal is by 2026 to make sure that every patient in every state gets the same contribution roughly from the federal government and allow people in your states to make decisions that would have been made in washington. the most beneficial aspect of this bill is follows. if you don't like obamacare, who do you complain to? you can complain to me but i sure as hell don't run it. if i can get south carolina in charge of this money, that would have been spent in washington by a bureaucrat who is unelected i promise every south carolinian the following. if you don't like your health care, somebody will listen to you. your governor and your statehouse representative. you can go to the statehouse representative who most likely goes to the same hospital you do. you can go to your governor, who
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will listen to you, because they care about your vote if nothing else. i'm trying to take the money and power in washington and send it back closer to the patient. if you believe government closer to the people is the best government, why not health care? and finally, we know how this movie end if we don't change. we're going to have a single-payer health care system in this country that will bust the budget. we'll start rationing care like you've never seen. obamacare is failing for a reason. it's a bad idea. state control of health care will work because the people in charge will be accountable to you, unlike obamacare where the person in charge, could give a damn what you think. >> bill? >> for 25 years i treated patients in louisiana's charity hospital system. it is been my life's work to try to bring health care and coverage for those who do not have. when a fellow back home who has
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a special need child tells me is paying $40,000 a year in premiums, plus a $5,000 deductible, more money on top of that, we know that the system is failing. i spoke on "jimmy kimmel" test, those have needs would have the needs addressed. his family, moon, it is almost beyond their reach. he has a job, doesn't get a federal subsidy, therefore can not afford his insurance coverage. that is not the way it should be. what we attempt to do take all the dollars in washington, d.c., doled out if a state jumps through a hoop, we turn it down to the states for them to do that what is best are to the state. if you're in a state with not expanded medicaid, you will do great. all those lower income texans, mainors, virginians and missourians will have dollars to get health insurance in state they do not have. if you have expanded medicaid, we did your best to hold you
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harmless. we don't want to run it through the chip program. i don't hear anyone complain about the chip program. it has been a program on the bipartisan basis. it is recognized to have effective way to provide access to quality care for those in need. we take it through the chip program. we continue patient protections. whatever waiver a state wishes to have, they must insure the secretary they continue to provided a caught and affordable coverage for those with preexisting conditions. that is our backstop. we preserve mental health parody, but we give dollars to the states to be inventive. we look at states done over past several years some squashed by obamacare. maine, obamacare put out of business, lowered premiums 20% is seen as policy to go forward. in indiana they prefunded health savings accounts so lower income hoosiers could be empowered to
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purchase their own services costs come down, outcomes improved. we get it to the states. i finish how i started. i'm a doctor 25 years caring for those who didn't have coverage. it is my goal to continue to bring them coverage. i think the graham-cassidy-heller-johnson does far better job of this than status quo. >> any questions on the substance? i would like for senator cassidy and senator graham to handle. >> can you talk about -- you said you never been in a better state before. you know almost any repeal, replace plan, however packaged will get anywhere, 46, 47 republican yeses. we might be a little higher than that now. that is not that much better. why is that different than july when fundamentally this moment hasn't changed? >> well at the end of the day we need 50 votes. if you're a republican, chances are you believe in federalism, because if you don't, you probably are not a republican. so the last effort to repeal and replace obamacare was better
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than obamacare but it did not embrace the concept that bill is talking about. so i believe that most republicans like the idea of state-controlled health care versus washington, d.c., controlled health care. employer assessments are going out next month by the end of 2017. over 90,000 businesses will get a notice from the federal government under obamacare that is $4.8 billion. a lot of republicans would like to stop that from happening and the best way to do that is to repeal the employer mandate, individual mandate, nationally. states can reimpose it. so we come upon a idea that is uniquely republican but over time has proved to work in other areas like welfare reform. so, i would hate to be the democrat that voted against more money for my state and more power and keep the status quo. so if you're a democrat, let's
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say in missouri, you're going to get far more money under this proposal than obamacare and your state would have more control over the money. to reject that money and that control means you believe that somebody in washington cares more about people in missouri than people in missouri. you believe it is okay to have california, new york, maryland, massachusetts more than missouri. that is just what a democrat would have to face if they voted no. if you're a republican, and you vote against federalism you have to explain to people back home why washington knows better and almost every state except the four i have described, do very well unthis new approach to taking the money out of washington. so i think the idea is more powerful. i think the substance is much more fair.
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at the end of the day i really believe we'll get 50 republican votes. i make a prediction. there will be a lot of democrats struggling with a no vote because at least eight of them, eight of them, their states do far better than obamacare in terms of funding and they have more control over the money. that is going to be a hard no. >> [inaudible] without cbo full apraysal? >> cbo told us they will have a score for us. the coverage on the cash aspect of it, the financial aspect of it. we'll have a chance to look at that. >> senator graham -- >> [inaudible]. >> you all understand that we would have to deal with this before sent the -- september the 30th, and that is the answer. we'll have to deal with it because the vehicle expires at the end of the month.
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>> bringing this bill to the floor, to be clear? >> if we were going to go forward, we would have to act before september 30th. >> you haven't decided whether you -- >> we are in the process of discussing all of this. everybody knows that the opportunity expires at the end of the month. >> can i say something about that? >> yeah, go ahead. >> okay. here is the test for republicans. did we work as hard to repeal obamacare as they did to pass it? mitch mcconnell and the leadership has done everything we have asked and then some. i spoke to paul ryan, speaker of the house, i like send it to the house. it will pass. every republican out there believes that this is a fundamental reason we're in charge. that democrats have lost a lot of seats backing a bad idea and we've been the biggest political beneficiary of obamacare and we want to try to make patients the beneficiary of our idea.
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so at the end of the day will we try again? i would argue that yes, we should because i do not want to go back to south carolina and say that i did everything i could to repeal obamacare and not believe it in my heart. so senator mcconnell is doing everything he can. paul ryan told me to my face if you pass it, we pass it. >> leader mcconnell? this plan has been out there for a couple of months. how do you convince americans that you truly think that this would lead to better health care and it is not just a last-ditch attempt to do something before the deadline? >> i think you heard the arguments here from senator graham and senator cassidy. it is better than the status quo by far. i think that is argument we're all comfortable making. >> limited time left in the calendar year, how concerned are you about time getting everything you want to get done this year?
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>> i think we'll be fine, yeah. of the as you know, the next big priority is tax reform. and, i think we are just fine. >> senator, there is -- go to senator graham. senator graham raised earns earlier in the process how this was working, how you were working through, one of your colleagues, good friend made this basis of rather important vote in july, given the compressed timetable, do you feel you adequately addressed senator mccain's concerns? >> we have a hearing scheduled monday in finance. we had one vote on mda, defense bill. why? because democrats objected to tom cotton'sment. my friend on the other side loves process when it advantages them. there will be a public hearing, what john has been asking for. you can have different opinions about the quality of this bill. at the end of the day this is the only process left available to stop a march towards socialism. we have between now and the end of the month to have a vote and
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debate about whether this is better than the status quo. my friend on the other side are never going to agree to a bipartisan proposal that does anything other than prop up obamacare. i have talked to the president five times in the last two days. he is focused like a laser. he has told me will not throw good money after bad. he is very excited about this state-centric health care system. all i can tell you is, that the process left to us is that the democratic party is never going to give us anything that fundamentally changes obamacare. we have had weeks of talking and only time they have gotten serious is when they're afraid my bill may pass. now they're coming to me, what about this, what about that? here is what the speaker of the house told me. i will not bring up a bill for a vote in the house that props up obamacare because that is not why i came here and that is not
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what our majority wants to do. the president of the united states is committed to repealing and replacing this bill, not propping it up. >> senator -- >> [inaudible] >> there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. [inaudible conversations]. >> okay. i'm proud to be joined by my colleagues -- hey, folks. take it somewhere else.


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